I was listening to My Super mentor’s podcast which is as follows:

The subject is about acquiring trust which can not be transferred. One can not buy trust.

You need to earn trust.

He describes the 4 Pillar of Trust :

1st pillar : Authenticity achieved when thoughts, words and action are aligned. There has to be congruence in what one is doing in terms of service to the community.

2nd pillar : One can only teach which one has been acquired through practical knowledge. One can achieve this with a strong reason that defines the context of such exercise.

3rd Pillar : Empathy – The Coach needs to come from abundance mindset with a focus on care for the people. If one is open in mind and heart , then one can celebrate another person’s success. People who are original and know that what they know can not be replicable, are always happy to assist people to succeed .

4th Pillar : Results – It has to be followed by results. People get attracted only because they want to have results that is what they intend to buy. And that comes from having a abundance mindset .

Therefore, this is a fourfold thing which creates trust and in an order . If one element of above is missing in the delivery, execution, towards the service, then it becomes hard to earn people’s trust .


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