My reference point as it always has been, is Sidz’s podcats

While the short form reels are effective in Instagram, explaining very much about the short attention span, the long term content defines the engagement. The customer decides the success of the long form content?

Well he does not have the attention span. If he does not watch a youtube video, how come he listens to a long podcast in Apple or in Spotify?

I do not analyse so much, and follow what my mentors say. It doe snot harm to follow them. Not reinventing the wheel, and not getting paralysed in the process is the key.

Investment for long period is a pain, but that is how the bamboo tree sprouts. Once out off the ground, nobody can stop.

I am still confused of the customer behavior. The entrepreneur mindset that needs to manifest the result, needs the discipline at the very basic level. The short form, long form is not a problem. Consistency is not a problem. It is the right kind of audience which has been a problem.

The audience needs value before the decision. There fore the Call to action (CTA) is so important.

In long form content you can get people to lead magnet, FB group, eBook, free webinar

Right frequency Publishing content is posting 2 Youtube Videos per Week, 2 podcast per week, 3-4 story per day ,One reel per day Instagram, Twitter multiple tweets and LindkenIN,

Focus on high value textual post every day..
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