This is one of the slides I have created after listening to the Strangest Secrets so many times.Whatever you ask, will be given.So I was curious to know, why it is taking so much of time to be given.This is a slide which is part of the content I teach to my students. But recently, it has come in handy for myself as well.I have discovered Internal dissonance to be the greatest reason.

Why so?

Because there is a hesitation because of lack.of conviction.

Might be because, it is not yet perfected as much as I would have liked.So it shows in my vibrations.

That is perceivable.Here are the action points in the slide. Ask these questions, when you find yourself uneasy. And

I found out the problem.

It is perfect to be taking imperfect action.

But it doesn’t need to remain in the same degree of imperfection the next day also.There needs to be an inching towards a better version, at least by 1% the next day.

The next clue is,

One becomes clueless for some days in between.

Cluelessness is terms of time and money. So a mentor is necessary. Hopefully, you get a mentor with whom you resonate with, to whom you can surrender 100%.


Help may not come exactly to where you are lacking. So start from the point where the mentor is hinting you to work on. That is a vital stage of the process. Do not take your decision, when the mentor is asking you to act in some manner. I have found that taking action at the same area will push many ways to get better.

And one day

You know where you need to work.on. Obviously, one would like to know this from the beginning itself. But buddy, it is not apparent to you at that stage only. That is why so much of internal conflict.

Now that you know

Please do not stop. Your problem, and your journey is very different from the rest of the world. Your situation might take time to be apparent to you.That has happened with me.Gratefully, my mentor has responded despite my internal cluelessness..

Finally, I have found a solution to my problems in the same way.

Systems never fail. People fail. Whenever you fail, trust the system at work, and follow the process….. I learnt it another time::

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