I observed something this morning, about being ‘Worthy’.  

I requested one of my senior colleagues to make the language forceful,

 of the  report I am doing right now. 

It is a prestigious task, and he could not believe that I asked.                       

He asked twice.   And when I emphasized the point I am making..  

he appeared overtly delighted.                          

 I mean, I thought he always knew that I appreciated his command over the language.

But he did not.

Perhaps he wanted me to spell it out frequently.

I will do that.               

I mean, he now listens to me attentively;

 and this contributes somewhat me feeling worthy too.

This also means that I thought he did not appreciate my views ever;  

vicious circle of thoughts;

Unnecessarily clouding the mind;

And we do not realize.

To tell it honestly,   I was amazed at my own stupidity..

I realized my power!

That I can win over colleagues

only if I am appreciative enough.

Especially when they are senior to me!

And even more

If  we are senior to them with experience

In certain areas.

This particular colleague of mine,

Respected my experience always

While I was thinking that he kind of discounts me always..

It may be partly true,

But what was important from today’s encounter


That everybody loves admiration,

And honest appreciation.

We need to do that first

Before expecting appreciation back..

It needs to be proactive everyday

Especially when it concerns relationship…

Do please pay hid to that..

And here is my insta post today

On how to overcome powerlessness..


Have you given your power away?

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