The power of observation….

Said Sachin Tendulkar

is such an  under appreciated skill. A skill that you can hone.

Here’s how one waiter in Chennai told Sachin about how his arm guard was impacting his drive.

Amazing!!  isnt it?

My friend Mr. Nibu Thomas  observes the following..

I receive several requests from people wanting to shift to another career. But when asked what they did to pursue that career…or more importantly – why, they have no answer.

If its something you think you’ll like, then it should be something that you do regularly. Regardless if you were paid to or not.


My observation today, therefore, is that, the great teachers of the world, whether they are waiters, of jhadudar  or whoever…

, always have a keen sense of observation. 

Remember how many have changed the course of your lives.. with their small comments… just like that!!!


Happy Teachers’ Day to all our mentors!

Happy learning.

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