Hey ….

At first,

I tell you what has been today’s learning.

Many of you have told me that you don’t have time for learning.

Forgive me for being terse, but that is how you are doomed for life. 

Why have you made life so complicated for yourself?

Now, in order to make time for learning, you need to form a learning habit..

Follow the 3 behavior patterns consistently in that case

🌯first :  choose just one thing..10 minutes in a day to read something

🌯second :   Read anything, 10 things may be, without bothering as to what you learnt. Quite possible that you learn nothing, but go through the process of reading in any case.    At the end of 10 minutes, dumbo, you spend another day of learning time learning nothing.    Even then,  behavior no 2 is established

🌯third : Try for 21 days. And if you fail to do it consistently for 21 day, then start all over again, 2nd time for another 21 days.    quite possible, given your ficklish integrity about keeping a promise,   you will fail for 2nd time also.   then try for the 3rd time…     I am pretty sure you will fail for the 3rd time also.                   You can try for 4th time or 5th time or 6th time..  But each time you did it for at least 2 days I think.    Did you fail to learn anything all these time? Are you sure?

Some of us are like that.  …   May be,   to remain doomed..   But if you have learnt for 1 or 2 days in all those 21 days cycle, I shall be optimistic about you, buddy!!   So don’t fail me..

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