I posted an insta reel to send him a message.

The role in a collaboration..


And he has recognized two loopholes in himself.. communication skill and collaboration expertize.

Perhaps his HR had told him so.

Any collaboration requires a win-win formula for both sides. While any of us knows what is our benefit, it takes experience to figure out what the other person will get.

The second is, stick to what you say. the discord in thought word and action will be perceivable otherwise.

Each of us has the mental faculty to recognize a dishonest person and incongruity.

Nobody wants to be friendly with such a person.

You said you are reaching at 3 pm. And you don’t reach. Yes it is outright incongruity.

But you reached at 3.05 pm. That is a hint to some dangerous incongruity. why? Because it the first case, one can reject you outright. But in the second case, another person can take a risk to trust you, and has more than 50% chance to be ditched by you half way.

You lost a friend there, for life.

Can you be given another chance?

That again is a huge risk.

Because, it does not come from consideration of time, it comes from the discipline about time.

And it is a life time work. One loses time the moment the mind is a bit slack. And slackness is a habit.

Repeated wrong action results in a wrong habit.

That has to do with misplaced priorities.

For Ram, his father’s words were supreme factor behind his decision. In Manthara, it was her Queen she loved so much.

Is there much difference? If Ram thought that Bharat was the capable person to serve Ayodhya properly, why do we blame Manthara if she told her Queen the same?

Just the misplaced priority, in which relationships were put in jeopardy; Manthara thought that she was perfect with her counselling to Queen Kaikeyi.

I see Manthara’s wisdom prevalent everywhere, these days.

Despite her valor, Kaikeyi’s claim to kingdom was not justified.

She was supposed to be a collaborator in Dasrath’s scheme, she could not be.

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