Do you realize that having a Vision makes you find a way in every situation?

No excuse comes then.

No complaints even.

Life is happier

And by nature you accept everybody as they are.

It starts with an aspiration and that gets expanded with each experience in life.

You are meant for bigger achievements.

Here is a the story of a she-mouse who had the opportunity to be a human being.

She could have the power of choice.

When she was marriageable age, her powerful sage father called the SunGod to marry his daughter. And the daughter asked – “Are you the most powerful to be honest?”

The Sun paused and said, that at times he gets covered by the clouds, though.

The clouds were called, and the girl asked the same question.

The clouds said yes, but said the Mountains stop them from moving at times.

The mountains were called next, and when asked the same question, they told that the mouse make holes in them most of the times.

The mouse was called next, and behold, the girl was ecstatic to see the mouse, and fell in love instantly.

The sage father had no option but to turn the girl back to her mouse originality.

The morale of the story is : how big is your aspiration, is it in the dimension of a vision or is it a chuha choice?

What you think you become..
Watch this :

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