I tried multi tasking, rather I thought I am a multi-tasker. Till I had 3-4 tasks at one go. More than that, it definitely is going to be jumbled up. suppose you think that you will take time for task1 for 5 minutes and then task2 and likewise, … and there more than 4 tasks to be done… Definitely there will be a lag and then phasing out..

Multi-tasking, even if you do, will not be productive..because it requires a certain focus for the work to be done. Take your own time to do it with quality no need to rush.

Yes 3-4 things at one point of time. even that feels like multi tasking… paying attention is half the job that I do

I do not understand memory much, especially my memory, because I feel my journey unto myself at times to some territory, which is disconnected memory, might be..

Unconscious mind makes the decision, quite true.. reasons other than the logic

Inattention blindness is an intense characteristic I am born with, I think I just need to switch attention to make a problem non-existent. That it. And so it is quite simple for me while others are struggling with it. Many people have commented that – life is not so easy as u think.. as if I havent gone through life sufficiently enough… anyways

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