😨Do you or can you talk about the results?

I mean it is good to be process oriented,if you need consistent results going forward.

But at some point of time results are needed.

Some processes take lot of time to achieve results.

But some improvements, some developments need to be outlined so that the effort is measurable.

But even before that, one needs to be allowed to go ahead.

Unsolicited processes and results are of no use.

How should we go ahead?

That process is called strategic positioning.

And it has 5 aspects

πŸ‘” Tell the story of change

πŸ‘” Convey Obsession

πŸ‘” Outline your opportunities

πŸ‘” Talk win-win

πŸ‘” Give a strategic outline

I have given this strategy to a senior person from UNICEF who works with Government of India.

Funnily, it translated into the following :

✨ Personal salutation

✨ Professional salutation

✨ Recent realization

✨ Possible Results in a time line and

✨ Risk distribution mechanism in the remuneration..

It was half a page letter.

Dear XX

Good wishes of Janmastami, I kept fast, couldnot reply earlier

Meanwhile refurbished……………… tool which will further strengthen ____________ , can be tried out with ____________ mechanism

Last time we did it with _____________ house with _________ result.

Now since I am fine (my right leg sprain will be fine soon), I can take you through the _____________________ which I have designed.

It will help the state achieve _____________________ in 6 months time.

Sincerely yours..


Guys! I have helped this client with the process.

I added two more strategies…


he is almost in the verge of making it work.

I haven’t yet told him my offer. It is my L3 offer, though.

But I am positioning myself strategically, in the role of his Advisor.

You know what. I will be negotiating the deals on his behalf.. ..

Good deal?

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