I am in the company of 15000+ community members who are coaches, successful people, 12+ mentors, 5+ Super mentors, 3+ grand mentors, and waiting in line to-be-entrepreneurs

When COVID hit, I knew that I need to build a resilient visible tribe to withstand the cycles of emergencies and recession.. In the offline space, I have trained 18000+ Leaders and counting, who are making a difference and together we have so far impacted 1 Crore lives.

In a period of just 90 days, you will learn at least 3 ideas about how you can be the person who aspire to be

You will know your USP, bundled with lot of courage (Bundling technique I learnt from my Grand mentor Mr. Blair Singer, only last evening 14th of October 2022)

Over 30,000 people connected to my network More than 300 – 1:1 sessions

Conducted More than 600 You Tube Videos in my Channel called “Leadership Growth”

250 trainings Online training recordings are there

My website leadingwithsangeeta.com has every day experiential stories I am the author of the upcoming book “2 d sky” I have 250+ podcasts I love creating ‘Pic-notes’ of whatever I hear

I can teach you a digital skill in 30 days

You can learn a new topic every week if you come to my webinars happening on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 PM.

You will get a ‘Pic-Note’ on a subject of your choice in 15 days time, if you are a webinar-attendee

If you do my level 1 paid course, I will help you become the other of your own competency book

You know what, I am creating a course for free, as to how to generate income from LinkedIn.

And ,That is the poster my Grand mentor created for me

Come join me to level up in life, Do what you love to do, Add massive values to People’s lives and Showing them to live beyond average & their true potential

Gratitude to my mentors who sparked massive transformation in me.

I am not the same anymore as the person I was till 2020…

Truly blessed and humbled!!GratitudeJoin my journey by registering for free https://clarionn.greenbandhavgarh.in/leadingwithsangeeta7

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