I run into multiple relationships!!!

I felt deeply to share this though I am not a relationship coach.

Does that surprise you?   Ok, stay in that surprise for few minutes.

I meet a handsome person, of opposite sex, who has depth in conversation.

And I feel close to him.  I admire him.

I have labelled that as a ‘relationship’.

So I have multiples of those.    Think, think.  You can think anything about that.

I meet a nice lady, doesn’t talk much. But pours her heart out when we strike a discussion on pets and dogs, how she needs to go home early because one of her dog has become rickety and needs special attention..  

Ladies talk, you know.  I like this conversation, and I know she is my type.

I admire her.

I have met many like that. May be this does not send you into much intrigue…

But I still call them as ‘relationship’.

By the way,  I also love discussion on how the budget gets disfunctional during Dussehra.

🎊Why I am talking about these?

Because,  I have many relationships going around,  which means I am in a Positive n Empowering Environment.

Do you realise that you already are, if you are reading this? Give me your thoughts too.

🎗But here is something I have gifted further to myself with that Awareness.

I have been forgiving all those who had caused me pain in the past, and now no more.

And I have included in my private mastermind.

I talk to them.

I have given them some responsibility.

To resolve a problem in my Present.

Do you agree that when we Trust somebody, We Empower the person?

Even if the person is not alive.

After all, they have become Energy Beings and are part of our energy now.

Energy never dissipates nor gets created, right?

So I have put two of the departed souls in charge to manage something in my life at present.


🙄🙄 What use is this abstract talk?

Folks, I am unburdening myself from the shackles of the past.

So join me in the journey to unshackle yourself  from the past, unburden yourself so that you can be fast in the race towards accomplishments. Register register here for free https://clarionn.greenbandhavgarh.in/leadingwithsangeeta7

So I have healed my relationship with my late husband.

Thank you, for being the messenger with that ditched contract; so as to give me the ability to appreciate what is really meaningful to push my soul higher up!

Be the guiding force to help me be on track!!!!

And I have summoned my late mother to put her feet down, and make things happen; which others think will be impossible to achieve.

She never knew what was impossible.

She achieved all that came to the realm of her thoughts.

And used to hell bent upon the actions that others thought were crazy…

I might be a bit late in appreciating your courage, your conviction, Maa.

Thank you for making me capable for thinking abstract and going beyond myself…

By the way, do you know how to create the Private Mastermind? It is all about making peace with oneself and access the higher Self.

All that in my upcoming webinars

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