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I thought it was a significant lesson towards my journey

Non Accelerated Do-it Again formula!!

Oh I am just dazed at that.

I just had to get to my inner zone for a while.

Whatever is going on, is happening for a reason, yet apparent.

That is the Trust.It’s not a shortcut. It takes time with a vision of this dimension, even though the task at hand seems to be taking a minute.

Do-it afresh!

Because the nada wasn’t moving and getting further away from the end point..

Well,. A crochet would have done the trick.

Did I have one?Yes, I had..but did not remember

I had.Description of the problem with specificity would have directed my mind that way In the absence of it, I did what was apparent at that time.

Accepted that I shall lose time trying short cuts.Took the entire nada out and put it again, took less than 3 minutes..

The voice inside was nudging me towards the lesson, and the message from the Universe, I realised, since last 3 daysI didn’t take it seriously because the mind was not calm..

That is what.Abraham happened to Esther and not to Jerry because, She was listeningAnd Jerry had the observation and a lot of questions..Someday the questioning needs to give way to the listening only..Listening beyond what is spoken, and around what has happened..

Important to be in that zone!!

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