She is an organic farmer, sells seeds.
She documents her journey as one.

The Rabi season is about to take off and there is a huge demand for organically grown indigenous seeds which we are finding difficult to supply from the produce of our small one acre farm in Pandutalab.

She has won a recent court suit to be enrolled as a PHD student 

She has won many international award for her relentless journey of a worthwhile n meaningful life that entails constant struggle n regular conflict with the systems which fall short of benefiting people like her,   but are meant to be doing so..

And she looks dignified in her attire as she sells the seeds in the local haat..this time all sold out..A celebrity!!

How do I know her?

Well, her close associate is from IIT Kharagpur,  who lives in the same farm, is one of my friends in FaceBook.  

He has a distinguished identity of his own, but celebrates Subhadra Kharpade more than his own accomplishments.

Because she deserves it.

She is also building a school for tribal children nearby Indore where her farm is located.

That is a mission, we agree we can be part of, from a distance!!!Can we bring ourselves to donate a bit to her school?

May be most of us can not be anywhere near her in being an embodiment of courage, but each of us can be part of her mission as well.

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