What if I say you are not alone in the world?

What if you know that we human being dwell in 4 realities, and what we now ourselves is just one of those?

That we can still put the rest to work for us, if we do this task in the morning?

How to wake up in the morning very motivated, and end the day very accomplished?

How to treat the 90 days as a huge amount of time to achieve the set goal?

How to be wiser by one keyword today and work around only that and try connecting the dot to own experience so far?

How to know what to know?What questions have you asked today to yourself -bcz that is the problem that will be solved by you.

No questioning – no solution? Agree? Jasya nasti swayan pragyan, sashtra tasya karoti kim – have you heard this line in Sanskrit? It is about the questioning mind NAchiketa had, who defetaed Yama, the God of death and Dharma.Any idea of that story?

By the way, what you read in the morning has a significance for the day. Have you wondered what?

Okay, all these can be put in an autopilot mode.. if you activate the mastermind..Know all that in the day 5 of the 30 days challenge..

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