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It was 12 pm noon at office, today.

The mission statement required a change.

The organization has completed 25 years of existence.

The Goal, and Objective needed to be redrafted.I knew it was going on for last 7 days. And may be it will come to the next level of management.

The MD had messaged the Senior management done with the draft by today. Two of them were angry that the message was sent at midnight.

So I asked one of the senior-most management guy – how much time will it take? He was already agitated. He retorted- “Why don’t you go to the MD and discuss it out?”

Amen! I said.

Someday the MD and all of them will take my insight to design the next stage…because of a particular reason I want you to note.

But for the time being.. I am at the next level of management.

I am a consultant, and not even a person whose view point will matter much. As he entered office 2 hours back, he had shared something going on in his mind, how people fall from grace..

That… People at the highest echelon of power start presuming that they own the organization.. but with just a misunderstanding with some shareholder can oust them from office,,and within no time, they will be at ground zero..What happens to them..

Now 2 hours later, the same person has behaved in a manner, as if the senior most management is constituted of only those who are there at the moment.Oh hello!I know it takes an expansive heart to be inclusive, and not everybody is designed to have an expanded heart; but anybody can change the volume of that heart with a simple thought of empathy.

By the way, I am out to streamline the randomness still exists there, with my experience, and that is the job of an expert of the highest quality… it doesnt occur to lesser souls…

and whether anybody puts me in the senior-most bracket or not, I am the person with solution.And hence the person with an Ultimate Dream.Everything happens for a reason.. yes.

If I was thinking till 11.59 am today, that my role is to be acknowledged, then this incidence shouted at me saying “NOOOOOO”! You belong to the highest altar..And its you, not anybody else to acknowledge that fact.



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