May be a close-up of 1 person and text that says "Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don't care"

When it comes to negotiate and send my ideas across, I just tell the bare message.. No hook, no ornamentation!

Of late, I have understood that the brain takes note if you tease it.The wilder you tease, the more it gets activated.Else everybody knows everything, and does not remember at the moment of implementation.

The second learning was, to have a schedule. I had been thinking that I go with the flow of life.

But why you need to have a schedule is to remind yourself of the flow you thought then, and where you are now.

No harm in having one, even you know where you are going. I tell you, you take a decision at every point of time.

And that might take you to a destination which you initially did not intend.It does not matter much, though. if only,you have not led yourself to a point where you are stuck.

You always intended to be with the flow, isn’t it?

The 3rd lesson I have just learnt is, to be careful of how you look.I thought, looks don’t matter. Well, those matter. Matter at times.

Matters when there is no scope to set a context.But by chance, you have to say few words in a hurry, just look appropriate for it.

It takes care of a lot of aspects of effective communication.. If you do or don’t agree, just give me a comment. Nothing is a must, just a question of convenience.

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