It is so painful to be declared irrelevant after 15 years of experience in a certain field.

But have you heard the saying that everything happens for a reason?

When you opted for an unfamiliar profile, the positive thing happened to you was the TRUST that was bestowed upon you to be a leader in that segment also.

Just because,there is no opportunity anymore.


because the organization has diversified in some other direction.You are well respected, and hence have been assigned a portfolio which is new for you, but you have been doing 100% of the tasks. the only thing lacking is, you don’t know how to move forward on your own


it is a new area.

Here are two things

🥽 Leaders need no instruction and

🥽 it is your job to figure out the way ahead.

Now this is what ‘Strategy’ is.

What and why.

Why and What.

If by doing 100% of the job you are asked to do, then you are doing bits and pieces of the process that is apparent.

But who will decide what is required?If the requirement is not known, the tasks are vague, right?Just because you are around, something was asked to you.

And yes,you are honest. genuine, hardworking, timely.So you did it well.But can you see that the organization is not able to take the next step, because nobody has figured out the next step.At your profile, with 15 years of experience, you are required to figure out that for yourself and the organization.

Don’t you think so?

what next?

I am sure many of us have transitioned over many career spaces. By choice few times, but more often by compulsion.

When you are given a new portfolio, the management most possibly hasn’t thought about what work you would be doing. They expect you to figure out that.

And you should be sounding like you have done that already.

Here are the 3 secrets to handle your fractured career.

Start with declaring what Change you would bring. It is a phrase of 3-4 words.That is the first… in creating your strategy ladder.

🎨Talk, eat, breathe – only that 🎨

The second is to fix the purpose and structure that will ensure the direction we are moving.

🎨 Compliment it with an appropriate air, countenance! That is confidence🎨

The third is to carry it across companies, organizations, time, geographies, economies, trends, fashions or connotations!! Even climates! Haha.That needs the vision to be broadened yet inclusive

🎨Being expansive to be Inclusive 🎨

We are a civilization which is moving towards abundance and peace.Each of us is progressing and creating financial freedom for ourselves; because of the same theorem.

How do we do that?

Here is what I help you achieve in 6 orientation classes wherein I give you what you can immediately work on

🎟 Fix your strength as an important function of Organizational Vision & Mission

🎟Strategic communication – the tagline of your personality

🎟 Strategic positioning – Engineer a Proposition that wins everybody’s support

🎟 A ‘Jor ka Jhatka’ Resume with 10000-practice factors

🎟 An Impact matrix that may be a dream but successful as on the present day

🎟 A timeless indomitable KPI sheet nobody can refute

And many unknown factors you already know.

This comes in an exclusive package with the support system at my VIP FB community that provides solution on demand.

There will be a weekly QNA call that can be our mastermind call as well.

Your membership in the community is for lifetime.

XxxxxxxxxThis is for people who have been given inappropriate work profile despite having 10+ years of experience.And are clueless as to how to take the career from here….What after the working career ends?How to be relevant to the world till the last day..How to be financially free..You can book a Calendly call if you need clarity.

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