Might be you are not good at managing time, but that is not your primary concern.

And you are very good at something which is not getting recognized in your organization.

Recently, you might have been busy, and you thought your boss can see and understand.

I tell you, he would think you are avoiding him.

Some years back, I was at the head office of an organization, which is situated at a tier 2 town. I operated from the capital city of Odisha and was on a visit there, to update some task.

I worked late night, so I just used the office space for my stay. During dinner time, I got better internet, so did not come out of the room that time, rather I used to finish dinner early, so that avoid the formality that time that wasted a lot of time.

Well well, these are misconceptions.

What is expected to be done, needs to be followed.

By the way, if you want people to understand as to what you are upto, then you need to convey them about your long term ambition.

And that is a goal, that has been strategically projected.. and it has the buy in of everybody, including the senior management.

And your colleagues.

They know where they fit in the scheme of things.

And it does not matter even when you skipped the courtesy dinner.

They will know.

They will understand.

They will accommodate.

Moreover, you know your direction.

Understandably, everybody’s situation is different, and the packaging has to be different.

But two things are common; the strategy, and the direction.

I shall be discussing that in my next webinar, happening on Friday at 9 pm.

The topic is

strategizing the career that appears to be fractured.

We shall be covering :

🧧 Strategic communication – how it is more than English fluency

🧧 Creating success matrix that shows your hard work

🧧 Drafting your tagline that showcases your experience & expertise

🧧 Bring a global flavor to Your personal vision

🧧 Creating depth into one skill that you indulge in endlessly

🧧 Strategic positioning – Engineer a Proposition that wins everybody’s support

🧧 A ‘Jor ka Jhatka’ Resume with that outlines a practice of 10000 time

🧧 An Impact matrix that may be a dream but successful as on the present day

🧧 A timeless indomitable KPI sheet that surprises your HR and super boss

🧧 Stand out persona with a USP in a transformational journey

Wait for my Friday Webinar.

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