May be an image of text that says "twitter: @thescribstories by Riya Mother's occupation: Housewife "Mentor," he corrected in his admission form. She smiled through the tears. microtale"

Have we even thought of this?

 Let alone give her the credit.

Honestly,  I started realising only after my daughter is married.

If I am able to help her with some wisdom, then definitely it has come from her,. 

And even from my Nani, her mother..

These age-old mentors are never recognised!!

But if I am considered firebrand at times, then it was Ma who passed on this outlook to me.

And If docking the huge wave to have my way ultimately is my characteristic, then itnis my Nani… 

Can you believe that, in an age when daughters were being married off as soon as she reached puberty, my Nani put her feet down to get my mother become a graduate…The first women graduate of the district..

And I pride about that fact..Eternal ladies! M blessed..

and thanks Papiya Chakraborthy, who posted the pic..


if you haven’t yet already,   do realize that if the occupation of the ‘mother’ is that of a ‘mentor’


the occupation of the ‘mentor’ is to be a ‘mother’; gender-agnostic.

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