This Friday at 9 PM, we are going to have a discussion on your main problem.

After the initial orientation, you will ask and I will answer.

I ask and you will reply.

I tell you some of my experiences as to how I have overcome and what is working well.


I will listen to you and will tell you what great things you have experienced in life, and how many you have undergone which you haven’t have a memory of.

I mean, you do not even remember 90% of the good thing about yourself.

You will ask, why is it required for leadership growth?

The simple thing, is the leadership element is already within you. You are growing that bit by bit everyday, if

if only, you know what you did yesterday was a small thing towards growth.

Small or big, does not actually matter. But at least one action has to be there.

Which means it has to be a habit.

I understand that you might not remember to do it consciously, just because you wont remember.

But what is that one thing which you do over and over again?

Will that be of help?

I was talking about being relaxed, and taking a weekly break at least.

Actually I was suggesting to take a break every 2 hours during the day.

Can you do that?

How to do that?

So in the webinar, it will be mostly a discussion. you can in fact book a one to one call with me afterwards, in addition. But the webinar will be sufficient time to bring clarity to many things.

My intention to help you write at least a 100 stories to write about yourself. In fact any average person has at least 32,000 stories about himself/herself..

We do not have a habit to write them, remember them or know them. Might be that is why we do not know them.

For that matter,

We do not remember that we are God’s children and may be that is why we lack confidence most of the time.

I once came across a lady in Jharkhand. She was part of a Federation which has saved Rs.12 Crores since the federation was formed. And I was like “What!!!!”…

And when I asked one of the ladies, in one of the groups, as to what was her name, I figured out her because she had asked a very relevant question

which brought a bulb on moment for me!.

And so,

I just wanted to know her name.

Curiosity can come to anybody..

Despite being very world wise

and despite being.. whatever..

But you know what. She said she did not remember her name!!!

I was tooooooooooooo surprised.

can you imagine anybody who does not remember her name?


I realized that she never used her name anywhere.

I was wondering what name she wrote in the book keeping then.

It was “Putul’s Ma” in the record books.

And Putul was her daughter.

She herself had got married at a very early age, and since then there was no name.. As it is she only used only her nick name which is different from the formal name… and

even that becomes of no use

after the girl comes to Sasural.

So lets be back to the ‘Memory’ element of you and me.

We are no better.

If Putul’s Ma did not remember her name, then we do not remember our good things..

As obvious as that.

And I can prove that to you.

So let us meet in the webinar on Friday.

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  1. Начну с терминов, чтобы не было путаницы. Если, к примеру, находясь за обеденным столом, разговариваешь с белочкой, а на столе сидит кот, ну или…

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