I was talking about the little shifts yesterday. Take a look.

You will resonate well if you are a CSR professional, NGO official or a person from Govt or Private institution, engaged in the Development sector.

And are ‘first time managers’.

Why them only. That is because, they transition from execution to decision making. Individualistic to team work.

It is decisive at this moment because it is after COVID time. And we never know when the next BLACK SWAN is due.

My training is about:

🧨 Correct positioning so that you stand out

🧨 Integrate all experiences so far to build long term Relevance

🧨 Game plan to achieve significance

🧨 Daily SMART work to save 4 hours a day

🧨 Become sector agnostic in the next level


🧨 Become a Subject Matter Expert that takes you around the globe and brings cash flow, and a community.

How I will support you:

🧵 Frameworks that will help you to carve out your own solution

🧵 Weekly hand-holding at 9.30 pm – discussion call

🧵 support of You tube channel for supportive instructions

🧵 Experiential stories at https://leadingwithsangeeta.com

🧵 Youtube channnel and Website is open for all, but people in my inner circle can interpret the context better.

Why I do what I do:

Because I see them cribbing and complaining. People with potential complain and get stuck.

They get stuck because the brain gets problem focussed.

They get problem focussed because they are habituated to ‘Focus’ and bring their energy towards one task.

If that one task becomes something negative, then it compounds.

As a result of compounding, negativity increases in their lives making them drown further.

They can not see the solution anymore that is obvious and visible, because the eyes can not see anything where the mind is missing.

The mind can not figure out anything beyond our choice and decision.

The decision can not be made without the hand-holding of a mentor.

Who are you reaching out to?

Be careful.

Do not get validated by a person who has not yet taken a leap. they might be the well wishers and the best people around.

But they may not have the understanding yet.

For example, they may advise you to speak out when the solution might be existing in the ‘listening’.

And those advices seem to be logical and progressive.

Not yet.

Not yet.

I am coming across more and more people in various kinds of dilemma.

Do watch the video as below. Subscribe to the channel. and there is a link to register for my discussion call as well. Do join those.

Ask me questions.

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