Today it is neither a webinar nor a workshop. It is just a discussion call.

Although I know that it does not help you much with the solution, because it is not the ‘explanation’, but it is the ‘experience’ that brings in transformation.

But to start with, a discussion helps in you getting an idea about the mentor.

It is for the mentor/coach to know exactly what will help you to be a better person.

As I said, you will get the answer, and a perspective of what you can expect.

When you have solutions, inside your mind, you need to write those down. Else you will forget. One aspect forgotten means, you will lose the entire plot, even though you remember the rest.

That is why discussion is necessary. when the other person is listening, he will have few questions which will give you better perspectives of whatever you are thinking.

And that is priceless. Just a conversation is priceless.

That is why I have introduced the concept of a ‘discussion call’.

You will never know if one of your questions can benefit to several others.

As I already conveyed earlier, today it is neither a webinar nor a workshop. It is just a discussion call.

I thought of this aspect, because it is so essential to talk it out. In this call, we shall have the 3 most important thing that bothers the development professionals.

🧧 To stand out

🧧 To win trust of all colleagues and seniors

🧧 to find out one’s own calling

Most of the times, clarity in these 3 is all that we need to get over unease in life.


as soon as we figure out that large vision in your life, everything else becomes secondary.

And till we get it, we shall be suffering from

.🎠 under expectation

🎠 conflict and

🎠 confusion

Ever wondered that things start to unfold, the moment we feel liberated from the negativity?

How do we then overcome such moments?

One of the solution is to have a discussion with a mastermind group, who actually can see you growing to a dizzy height.

What I can tell you is, most of us take lot of misguided decisions because of lack of wise counsel at critical moments.

In 2002, at a critical juncture in my career, I had resigned without any back up and I had my family to support being a single parent.

On hind sight, I do think that it would have been less painful had I have somebody to guide me adequately.

My problems were compounded being in a bad marriage!

I did not have any explanations to many questions my well wishers asked. I was completely in a fix!

I tell you, and I understand if you find yourself in inexplicable situations with different circumstances also.

The guilt eats us up, if we are not listening to right kind of people.

Why not have such a discussion from time to time?

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