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Have you ever left a group without telling?

Well, I felt like doing so,too.

I think most of us feel like that, because of the noise around, by people who want their message to be heard.

And we do not want to listen.

Quite logical.

We can not be disturbed just like that.

But here is what I have to say.

Did you join the group on your own?

Did you give permission to a friend to add you in a group?

Did you ask in the group as to why people are not making any noise at all?

Was it a friend with whom you have spoken for few times off line already?

If so, just bring yourself to give a reason why you are leaving so that

there is a chance of getting explained as to why

you were put in there in the first place.

For me, I want newly introduced friends to be in a group, so that I can come back to them whenever I have time.

For me, most of them do not respond easily.

I am reaching out to people who are stuck.

and feeling angry

and a bit frustrated!

And so much so that

they almost are feeling vengeance.

against their own self. bechara type.

What I suggest is, just tell that you do not find value anymore, and

want to get out of this circle altogether.


and gone.

At least one knows, why you left.

Communication and courtesy are the bottomline.

If that person didn’t display it, you do it at lealst.


Hey! before I forget, I appreciate some of you replying me on mail.

heartfelt gratitude..

with a wish to see more of you, thank you

#leadingwithsangeeta #leadershipgrowth #resourcefulinfluencing

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