I got introduced to somebody in LinkedIn last week.

Wohin pe mera Kam chalte rehta hei

Some exchanges happened.

I suggested that with one price I can overdeliver fourfold.

And asked him if that was okay.

He asked what use that will be.

I told him the reasons he could see.

And added – from the choice of words he sounded like having less than 6 years of experience.

And that might jeopardise his chances in qualifying in interviews.

He replied, yes it was 5.5 years.

And asked, how much he had to spend?

I quoted the amount, which is almost double the usual amount I charge, but immediate service will be fourfold at the least, even more than that,, if I add a bonus.

But added… It’s lifetime.

Next time he wants the same service, he won’t have to spend.

Fair deal, right?

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