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Mr. Venkat Balla is an excellent person to pick up things which he needs to implement at work.

Last 3 weeks he did not find time to come to the 121 session that I planned for him.

Actually, he came to my training in the first place because he was not achieving as much growth compared to the hard work he was putting up.

And I knew he was my type- loves his work so much so that at times he is taken for granted. Because he forgets to draw a line between what he needs to do and what he has to learn; Senior management also forgets to reward him adequately.

When finally he joined yesterday, I told him this. I also told him that he is committing the same mistake as I keep committing and pay for it.

I gave him a tracker to see how much time he is able to allocate for his own self development, while not escaping any of the responsibilities. Actually, he can be more efficient now.

He agreed on 3 things :

🎉 He did not allocate for family time

🎉 He is working for more than 50 hours a week against 48 hours that is maximum and

🎉 He has not sent any report to his boss or super boss – it was just communication over phone..

Can you see the mistakes of a Manager Cadre person who deserves two jumps at any moment now, but not helping his organization as to on what basis they will do so?

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