Go through Chapter 1 as I read it here.


I was reading Thaddeus Lawrence’s “Run away Success”. He is a person who teaches inner championing.

He is from Singapore. I highly respect him.

Yesterday I went though Chapter 1.

He is talking about Ultra Endurance.

Don’t give up when you feel like giving up.

Utterly exhausted.

Body does not support.

Mind goes blank.

And you face a glass ceiling- feels like you are out of the race despite your best shot.

Prior to that, there is something else.

Very well meaning people in your life, your own, will try to say something for your safe upkeep.

Which in fact might demoralize you.

The best does not happen all the time. When you are slugging, one out of 10 may stand out, which means,

One task in 10 may get the brilliance that catches eye.

Rest of it will be may be average.

I tell you what…

Just don’t care. Do that 10 seconds endurance. In the AMC course, one exercise that goes on for 20 minutes is spreading out the arms and holding for 2.5 minutes at each posture till it goes into Parvatasana at the 17.5 minutes mark. One feels endurance to some sort.

At the 5 minute mark, you will hear the yelling in the hall… Crying too, sounds of desperation.. but by the 12 minutes mark, it all starts to die down.. why?


the worst is gone just after the half way mark, and although it still pains, the hope takes over. And the pain does not hurt as much.

It is just a mindset that tweaks itself there..because the arms were not rested at half way mark anyways..


the sense of being through with the ordeal at that moment, underplays the outcome. It is the journey.

Pure journey.

You will never know what awaits you besides the outcome.

Go through Chapter 1 as I read it here.

Hope your enjoy it..

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