Hey guys, here is my youtube channel named “Resourceful Influencing”

Previosly it was known as “Leadership growth”.

Why I changed the name is because I now specifically help women working professionals with personal struggles.

But Struggles do fascinate me. That is the starting point of a great future ahead.

No struggle, no win, no resourcefulness, no influence and no win.

Useful free Resources available at my YouTube channel at https://bit.ly/2WVDdMU .

And my youtube handle is @everexpandingsangeeta


Come join my yourtube on “Resourceful Influencing” at https://bit.ly/2WVDdMU .


Because I will be uploading my stories there. I will be uploading the self discipline story about how I am going to have a million subscribers and 10 million views every month going ahead.

Tough ask, considering that, I have less than 600 subscribers at the moment, and although my viewers are handful, my topic ranks first in the same subject.

So come join hand,,,

Wait for my story how I process this one gradually.. Actually you can comment and give me tips.

Together you can make successful, I am sure..

Let us influence each other, and impact 8 billion people on earth.

Do please comment below, and make sure to post your photograph, and mail id as well. Here is what I have to say to you

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