Yesterday I did an experiment with a topic : Are you attracted to opposite sex?

In October 2020, one day I saw about 927 people clicking my Ad.

I was so enthusiastic that I have arrived.

I can not even believe today, how did it happen?

And then I gladly accepted the friend requests; whoever was from that list. Were they from my page or they clicked my landing page and came to my list; I do not remember now.

I was just too exalted.

I was learning Facebook Ad back then. And that was one of my early Ads. I don’t think I had a great copy, but yes , I was targeting “Managers” and “upcoming team leads”.

Hardly I realized that simply going for ‘Manager’ category may define store managers as well. So when I discussed with them, I got so many of them – cloth store managers, shoe store managers, tea-shop managers; Travel agency managers, Milk depo Managers..

Nothing wrong with those categories, I thought.

But then .. a female getting in touch with them was a first time for them in life. You can understand how the behavior in such a case.

I blocked all of them eventually. It was so unmanageable.

But I learnt the lessons over time, and I am careful about choosing my friends after deciding that boys less than 27 will be like that.

Now I opened my mind when I saw a genuine problem in not able to contain admiration to a sensible level. And it happens to both the sexes.

So I did a Facebook live yesterday; I had announced it before so that people could participate, but those who needed to be on the live, disappeared.

They must be feeling embarassed. My question is; why is the embarrrassment if you feel it to be a correct approach? Why should it be so private?

Here are my points

🎑 Attraction, Admiration are okay to feel

🎑We are attracted to more wholesome personalities and achievers

🎑We need to have some of their energies

🎑Getting associated is not wrong

Here is what I find objectionable

🧨Overwhelm of the personalities so much that learning is forgotten

🧨Give away the power, by feeling helpless to control emotions

🧨 Setting an unrealistic expectation which may lead to desperetion

🧨 Facebook is a field of hidden personalities, so you can go ahead with mischief

Of course you will advise me not to waste energy on these, and move on.

I do so.

But I have a MEaningful Mission of a calmer cooler and greener planet; towards which if we can loving amend a disturbing thought, then, it contributes the calmness of the planet.

With that objective, I did that live which I uploaded to my youtube as well. which is here :

If you like it, then comment below the video.

You can even subscribe so that you get notified for all my upcoming videos (I do a video everyday though, so your choice)

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