It is a long journey. Setbacks don’t matter

Amitabh Bachhan(the famous Indian Actor today)  after 2000 years!

I had a dream this morning.  I was interviewing AB, he is having a makeup with long hair, looks fairer and younger, but had some words of wisdom.  And the super active dog Plomo running around restlessly.

I was standing on the thresh-hold of crossing over to 2000 years from hence, it is the year 4020, at the other end. I had a choice of going to and fro few times. And I just used my first chance.

Plomo uneasy about me crossing over, as that will be the end of the company between him and me.

But I shall not lose myself!  So I was not as much worried.  Will Plomo be still a dog after 2000 years? 

When I woke up this morning, the question still lingered.

What was Plomo? Who did I see myself after 2000 years, at crossing the bar?  Who AB was?

The curiosity is about a dream life!

For most of us, perhaps the present life doesn’t look like it.


Recently I shared a face-book memory post which was 10 years old. And had a look at a projection excel sheet at that time. 

I was barely managing and had a dream of a raise which looked impossible that time. I thought of financially independent and have my company.  Since I could put any outrageous number and proportion out there. I had just typed those numbers without knowing the ‘how’.  How would it be achieved, since there was no visible chance at that time.

But 10 years after, I have achieved more than that, have spread out more than what I had anticipated, when I looked at that spreadsheet.

I have kept myself in the game all the while….

Without knowing where I would be reaching. As it has been going, I am approaching my dreams.


 So I was in Meghalaya 11 years back, and at Hyderabad a year after at the head office of the company I was working.  One hardly thinks about any other place once at the Head Office. May be it different kinds of responsibilities, but it was pretty sure that I would be there for the rest of my career.

Six months later, something happened, and I had to decide on shifting. So I came to Patna, Head office of another company, and before settling down, I was off to the remote country-side of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Eastern Madhya Pradesh.

4 years later, I was a recognized for my work, and it was a signature project (

A milestone achieved….

It obviously did not happen in a day, it takes small successes everyday. Continuous engagement.


And that was not the only victory. The timeline remained upbeat always, at regular interval. It is a long journey. Small hiccups do not really matter. I took certain decisions because of some troubles, which I otherwise would not have thought of at all.

I got rid of status quo..

Because some difficulties compelled me to think about those aspects of life.  It took me a while to let go, eventually I could. I am still on practice.


After 2000 years, I wonder if there will be a prominent mention of Amitabh Bachhan at all. But the ‘Experiment with Truth’ will still continue, and Mahatma Gandhi will still be studied.

As an actor in one of those afterlives, I am expected to google about prominent actors of yesteryears.

It is the ‘vision’ which makes one distinguished for ages.

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