It was basically a journey from Hyper- Achiever to High-Achiever.

Workaholism is unsustainable!

That is all that was in his life.  For no reason, he dreaded going out with his wife which is why he always reached home late.  He admitted that he just did not like the evening outings which his wife liked.  He preferred to hangout with friends after dinner time.

How many days in a week he wanted to do so?  “Once or twice”, he replied.

“Could he just enjoy the evening once in a month?” 

He was surprised that he never thought about that.

So even intelligent people can be ‘dumb’ at times, because they do not do any self Q&A.

Focus on end-result!

What the hell was Sishir indulged in? Was he achieving 40 results a week? Was it 25 or even 20? Was it even 5?

He wrote down what all he did in the last week, during the friendly counselling. He was not required to tell it to anybody so that he could be honest with himself.

Social media engagement must have been the highest ranking engagement.

Engaging with friends who are 10% correct!

So when he was told to engage with team mates and colleagues to get to his weekly achievement numbers, he easily agreed with the following strategy.

Share the success!

Who better to share the success with, than the wife, over a cup of tea?

Actually, Sishir felt like celebrating when his 40 tasks were achieved just on the 10th day. He just changed the way to think, tracked regularly, accepted everybody a lot and became flexible.

This has become a new normal in his life now.


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