My characteristic is taking charge, being assertive, result oriented.

, I didn’t know and kept working on these aspects. Now stand ‘Unbalanced’.

Self assessment mat Kiya Karo yaar.

Take a mentor as they say

Way#1 : Discover your super power – I have trained 18000+ people so far, and have seen at least 2 superpowers u=in each (I discovered one super power everyday with some who I spent more time with)

Way #2 : List your Personal Abilities : Whatever your education, what trainings or experince you had; cooking stitching gardening recycling also work. If you examine yourself closely; each one would have a background

Way#3 : Which quality you are recognized for ? That is credibility and comes with productivity of any kind.. If you excel in baingan ka bhurta or refurbishing old clothes.. that also works. Just know you can.

Way#4: What people trust you with it? This is dependability. Everybody knows that you love doing this work and they can be dead sure you will do a great job of it. What is that?

Way #5 : Can you give priority to the task you love? If yes, you are in command. If No, you need to say No more often. May be u need to check efficiency as well

Way #6 : Do you delegate work properly? I mean, do you ensure that the person who is delivering is also is learning, acknowledged and recognized?

Way #7 : Do you have a story in your mind about things you experience? Do you realize that whatever happened with you has high significance for you and people around you? While walking from Metro to office, I am trying see the shrub Portulaca… but all I see is Amaranth. Dont you think a story is there? I mean, if you can establish great link between very diverse points, you are tellig a story to an ratured audience. Hindi English kuch bhi chalega.

Way#8 : Do you know how big is your future self? If you are going to become a Warren Buffet or Bill Gates tomorrow, how do you know now? That will be apparent from the audaciousness of your Mission Statement. Have you checked?

Way#9 : Have you accepted that life is a series of problems? So you have and each of us has solved many of them which is why we are at the present shape. Agree? And we are going to solve many in futre. But what solution we bring to the table, depends on how efficiently we use our past experience; and the quality of the solution will establish our stature. What is your take on this?

Way#10 : Are you open minded about getting replaced? Arey baba, let that person take your position, so that you will find a greater one, and your potential gets a greater ground to be established, and the more frequently it happens, the quicker will be your ascend to stardom.

Now how does this lead to being an Empress? My mentor has a beautiful vision of me being the Empress who sits on an altar of greatness… that has triggered this thought. Me and you, and each of us need that trust of somebody who knows us better than yourself.

You except your mentor? that is very important as to how you will be down the line. Like an empress or empty..

Choose yourself baba…

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