over-the-top INSANE…

For a Digital marketer Have you heard what’s happening?Russell Brunson just REVAMPED the entire One Funnel Away Challenge!Register Now for the NEW One Funnel Away ChallengeAs if it wasn’t amazing enough already…It just got even MORE AMAZING.See, Russell never settles for anything less than SPECTACULAR.He OVER-DELIVERS when it comes to anything he creates.Now he’s creating […]

The weak ‘U’ who attracts!

The inspiration today came from an article and it led me to think and link the many incidences happened during this the day. I scrolled through the article in my LinkedIn page. I got reminded of the message by Mentor Mr.Vivek Mehrotra  about the ‘infinite depth’ each of us has, and find out what can […]

The Dhobighat which is called Washington

A Manager was cracking this joke. “Translated into English, it is called Washington”- he quipped.  The manager in that team keeps the team energy high with such jokes every now and then. I just ran an Ad on Resume remodelling. And I forgot to add education level. I started getting phone calls from school drop […]

How to have the opportunity knocking at the door?

With a dream to help 1 billion people in 139 countries, I see many tribes as the best way of investing time. I am learning to reach out to people who deal differently; but are invaluable contributors. I see incidences working out themselves which can contribute towards my goal! Unknowlingly! How would I approach opportunity? […]

Be in the game

It is a long journey. Setbacks don’t matter Amitabh Bachhan(the famous Indian Actor today)  after 2000 years! I had a dream this morning.  I was interviewing AB, he is having a makeup with long hair, looks fairer and younger, but had some words of wisdom.  And the super active dog Plomo running around restlessly. I […]

A Unique Niche

This morning a friend sent me a story about somebody who has created a prison-village, to allow prisoners to live with dignity. The intention behind the work is so noble!! It indicates that there is no hatred to criminals; somebody wants to give them their life back. It sent me thinking. The famous motivational speaker […]

The Unexpected Connections

Look for Sophie, as to what she is doing these days. She is arranging her home with her own paintings. She is trying to give herself as abstract an air as possible. On Saturday (June 13th 2020), she is going to host an exhibition. She is as absorbed with her creation as a stranger can be. But the message that was to reach me, whas delivered through her in time.