The 3 questions

#hackathontask#growthon#resourcefulinfluencing#leadingwithsangeeta#womenexcellence#insyncgrowth#AHAP#leadershipgrowth#insyncleadershipgrowth What do you do if every 3 years you start feeling stuck? Or Suppose you had to leave a job because the husband shifted to another city? I am talking to women especially. So here is something you need to find out yourself… If money and opportunity were not your concern,. What job would […]

Beyond the outcome

Go through Chapter 1 as I read it here. #hackathontask#growthon#resourcefulinfluencing#AHAP#leadingwithsangeeta I was reading Thaddeus Lawrence’s “Run away Success”. He is a person who teaches inner championing. He is from Singapore. I highly respect him. Yesterday I went though Chapter 1. He is talking about Ultra Endurance. Don’t give up when you feel like giving up. […]

How to be a winner with appropriate communication skill in Leadership Growth

Audio Player 00:00 59:59 Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Jump BackSkip Forward Summary In this video, we’re going to talk about how to be a winner with appropriate communication skill in Leadership Growth. Communication is key in any leadership role, and if you want to be a winner, you need to be […]

An exciting exercise

𝗚hackathontask #growthon #resourcefulinfluencing #leadingwithsangeeta #leadershipgrowth #AHAP While listening to the goal setting message from my accountability mentor, and long time friend, I felt that I need to be assertive about what I am saying. That makes my goal setting more compelling. What I mean is, when I say Rs. 1.5 lakh per month is my […]

Reporting is an efficiency formula in Leadership Growth

#hackathontask #growthon #leadingwithsangeeta #resourcefulinfluencing #ahap #leadershipgrowth Mr. Venkat Balla is an excellent person to pick up things which he needs to implement at work. Last 3 weeks he did not find time to come to the 121 session that I planned for him. Actually, he came to my training in the first place because he was not achieving as much […]

Fourfold n lifetime

I got introduced to somebody in LinkedIn last week. Wohin pe mera Kam chalte rehta hei Some exchanges happened. I suggested that with one price I can overdeliver fourfold. And asked him if that was okay. He asked what use that will be. I told him the reasons he could see. And added – from […]

Intense deliberate creation

Phase wise realisation has started happeningEspecially In the family goal to welcome 2023.Something i visualized in my earlier vision board, in my apartment at Saket, where covid happened and so did my entry to MMCI liked a picture in the newspaper, which looked very similar to my idea of relationshipWhich never took place leaving me […]

Watsapp Ettiquette

Have you ever left a group without telling? Well, I felt like doing so,too. I think most of us feel like that, because of the noise around, by people who want their message to be heard. And we do not want to listen. Quite logical. We can not be disturbed just like that. But here […]