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The Unexpected Connections

I met Sophie Pace in a closed group interaction. I was replying to everybody’s post in the group as it occurred to me at that moment. That is how I am know to her.p.Two days back, she wanted to know how we met, in order to clear her facebook connections. So I commented that we met in that group. 

  • Sophie Pace : Nilima Bandhavgarh Nilima…The first life you remember, perhaps…I recall you as a guard at the entry to the pyramid I was closed in with my Mother…She hand picked you because you were trustworthy and had already lived through so much…She was a real task-master! So, you impressed her!
  • Nilima Bandhavgarh: Sophie Pace What a surprise, Sophie! My respect to your mother 
  • Sophie Pace: Nilima Bandhavgarh I’ll tell Mary you said “Hello!”

For a moment I thought Sophie was getting crazy. Does she remember her past births? Me being there as a guard at some Pyramid in that birth when Sophie with her mother approached me?? If it is true, then I know one of my previous births through Sophie. And that explains my fascination for Pyramids; they tell so much about our ow hidden potential , … and that all understanding about the highest energy are basically the same. 

If Sophie was just expressing whatever came to her mind looking at my sentence is also significant. She expresses the essence that I present to the world now. I was picked up because of the hard work I have bee putting up, as per her. Somebody so choosy as her mother.Her mother is “Mary” in this birth, who is her niece… 

Look at Sophie as her Painting Show is today, her video clip is attached here.The message from the universe to me through Sophie is enormous! This is not the first time when people utter very weird statements about me which sound so very out of the world.When one focuses, the unheard is audible and the unseen is visible.How true! I have allowed myself the shift because of the law of attraction formula that I am practicing now.

The signs from the universe come where your focus is. If you look for signs, those are there. Those come in the phrases your trusted friends are using. You overheard something over the TV. Those are the sure hints which may be we ignore because we do not intend to take action. Else, the guidance is ever-present.

Look for Sophie, as to what she is doing these days. She is arranging her home with her own paintings. She is trying to give herself as abstract an air as possible. On Saturday (June 13th 2020), she is going to host an exhibition. She is as absorbed with her creation as a stranger can be. But the message that was to reach me, whas delivered through her in time.

An Artists Self and Home BEFORE Her Show Happens!

Sophie Pace यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शनिवार, ६ जून, २०२०

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Have grounded relationship with 9 unusual thought processes

Have you observed that you day at office is spoilt if you had a fight at home?

Similarly, you can not be your usual self if you have bad day at office.

Listen here:

Have you observed that you day at office is spoilt if you had a fight at home?

Similarly, you can not be your usual self if you have bad day at office.

The 9 tips to overcome that are your preparedness only.

🎫Be vulnerable and try

to connect heart to heart. The other person knows that you have not kept

anything to yourself and allowed the other person to know you, forgive you may

be and also to get angry at you

🎫 Do not take liberty

unless you are given permission to come closer to them, their private space.

Have patience.  They should know that you

will wait infinitely allowing to have them the freedom, the power of choice..

🎫 Discover what irks them

or makes them happy

🎫 There may be something

which is not in the prescription. You are the only person for them who knows

this. And it can never be known to a 3rd person

🎫 Define the code of mutual


🎫 Holding the same

object at the same time can be immensely romantic. Like eating the ice-cream.

Even touching the pen while one of you is writing.  As if both of you are co-creating..  how do you feel visualizing this?

🎫 Beware of withdrawnness .. it is a symptom of rejection because might be you had

judged earlier or made fun of..   No it is

not casual, if the other person does not think it to be so… respect that


🎫 Keep it simple  because love language

can be very difficult to be expressed.. But try to tell it simply.. or do not

even tell it, your body language or even your eyes will tell it

🎫 Preserve the mutual

trust,  something which has been between

you two, no matter how ordinary it is, and even if the whole world knows what

conversation goes on between the couples.. you don’t have to go declaring to

the world as what went on between you two yesterday or 6 months before.  No.  be


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Getting over Internal dissonance

This is one of the slides I have created after listening to the Strangest Secrets so many times.Whatever you ask, will be given.So I was curious to know, why it is taking so much of time to be given.This is a slide which is part of the content I teach to my students. But recently, it has come in handy for myself as well.I have discovered Internal dissonance to be the greatest reason.

Why so?

Because there is a hesitation because of lack.of conviction.

Might be because, it is not yet perfected as much as I would have liked.So it shows in my vibrations.

That is perceivable.Here are the action points in the slide. Ask these questions, when you find yourself uneasy. And

I found out the problem.

It is perfect to be taking imperfect action.

But it doesn’t need to remain in the same degree of imperfection the next day also.There needs to be an inching towards a better version, at least by 1% the next day.

The next clue is,

One becomes clueless for some days in between.

Cluelessness is terms of time and money. So a mentor is necessary. Hopefully, you get a mentor with whom you resonate with, to whom you can surrender 100%.


Help may not come exactly to where you are lacking. So start from the point where the mentor is hinting you to work on. That is a vital stage of the process. Do not take your decision, when the mentor is asking you to act in some manner. I have found that taking action at the same area will push many ways to get better.

And one day

You know where you need to work.on. Obviously, one would like to know this from the beginning itself. But buddy, it is not apparent to you at that stage only. That is why so much of internal conflict.

Now that you know

Please do not stop. Your problem, and your journey is very different from the rest of the world. Your situation might take time to be apparent to you.That has happened with me.Gratefully, my mentor has responded despite my internal cluelessness..

Finally, I have found a solution to my problems in the same way.

Systems never fail. People fail. Whenever you fail, trust the system at work, and follow the process….. I learnt it another time::

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5 steps to beat procrastination

Have you ever wondered why beating procrastination is very hard?

Procrastination is a multi-layered problem that requires a multi-layered strategy.

A progression stairway can help which is breaking down big projects into small milestones you can achieve.

Listen to the broadcast below:

🎠 Conceiving the big task into smaller segments

🎠 Segments can be a smaller tasks

🎠 Logistics


🎠 Wait for the unexpected opportunities

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How to make yourself more beautiful

Know the laws of energy

Listen to the video

  • Everything in the Universe is made up of energy
  • Energy has frequency- frequency has forms
  • Frequency has to be love frequency
  • Frequency can only be transformed from one form to another
  • When frequency matches, attraction happens automatically

Readymade perfect affirmations

4 gratitude

2 waterbottle techniques

feel happy

Say affirmations which are specific

YIN energy and Yang Energy to be balanced

  • recognize the imbalance
  • Create affirmations for missing quality and repeat them twice a day. For YANG energy affirmation – I am comfortable saying no.
  • Girls feel beautiful inside, without which they dont care how they look outside.
  • Accept the girl/man inside.
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3 ways to have accelerated growth despite being an introvert

Do you think that the ability to express is the only way to success? Actually it can be utilized to make a better leader that have gracious ways to be successful.

Listen to the video to know

🎫 Introduction

🎫 Ask yourself a question

🎫 Team up with somebody and

🎫 Learn to write crisp mails

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3 reasons to overcome to be unstuck

Do you know that there are 3 simple reasons which take a hell lot of time for people to get unstuck?

Listen to this video of mine which is as follows:

The reasons are

🧶Mindset issues (not able to trust)

🧶perception issue that there is no solution at all


🧶Taking too long to decide

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Leaders in making

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6 steps to create a warrior mindset

Do you know how to keep going even if there is no success yet?

Here is the video

It contains the following

🧶 Introduction

🧶 Seeing opportunity everywhere

🧶 New Development everyday

🧶 New Version today

🧶Willingness to suffer

🧶 No awry self talk and

🧶 Burn the bridge

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3 steps to have a big vision

Do you know that you get transformed into a better personality instantly with a big vision?

Many will say that you are daydreaming, but a person with a dream is multiple times better than a person with no dream.

Here is what we will learn;

🎉 How does the dream occur?

🎉 How to persist with realization of the vision?

🎉 Be persistent

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Leaders in making

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9 ways of retaining power

It all depends on asking beautiful questions as below

🤖 How are you seeing your life?

🤖what pattern of incomplete patterns r u experiencing?

🤖weakest heart of others? Why bother?

🤖 Are u co-creating respect or hatred?

🤖 Are we betraying ourselves?

🤖 Resolving so that you can trust better next time?

🤖Are we participating in toxic dynamics?

🤖what is it costing me and others?

🤖judging and sabotaging yourself?

What power are you giving away having negative emotions?

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16 ways a spouse can be a better leader

Do you know you can be a better leader by being a better spouse? Here are the traits you need to develop

The following points are discussed eher

🎍The choice

🎍 Listen

🎍 Walk in their shoes

🎍 Learn the admiration language

🎍 There is no over communication

🎍 Check in when away

🎍 Dont sweat over small stuff

🎍 Dont sewat over big stuff either

🎍 Therapy is for strong hearted

🎍 U be okay

🎍 I statement

🎍 Say yes

🎍 Assume positive intent

🎍Handwritten appreciation

🎍 Give space

🎍 Put the phone away

🎍 Embrace gratitude and wonder